CIFA Centro Service, technical assistance and spare parts support


Growing requirements in terms of quality and responsiveness from customers in the construction and road construction industries have made after-sales services a key factor for suppliers and dealers.

The high-quality of CIFA-brand equipment is therefore not enough to ensure the reliability, safety and performance of construction site equipment: effective technical assistance and accurate operating checks are fast becoming an essential tool to meet customer requirements throughout the lifetime of their equipment. Cifacentro S.p.A. can rely on experienced, extensively trained staff. Experts in hydraulic and electrical systems and equipment, with an extensive knowledge of the structural features and performance of booms and frames are there to provide advice on the most suitable solution for your business.

Our technical assistance department supports our customers throughout the life-cycle of their equipment from the selection of the machinery best suited to work under extraordinary workloads to its homologation and the performance of the accurate preventive and diagnostic checks required to preserve the value of your investment in the long term.